So, why did I start this?

I guess that is a great first question to answer.

Quite simply, I felt like I have something to offer.

There came a point in my life, roughly six months ago when I realized that I was waiting.  I was waiting for permission to produce.  I was waiting for the “go ahead” to authorize my new projects.  Well, I got tired of waiting, and then I heard a wonderful statement…

“Don’t wait until you are a professional to try something.”

That clicked.  It made sense.  The mental hurdle of waiting for permission was overcome and discarded.  I started a podcast.  Then a blog with friends and my brother.  And now this.

I am an Enneagram Personality 5, which is the perpetual student.  I love learning.  I love to analyze and to think deeply about things.  Every so often, I even have something burning that I feel as though I must share.  Thus, this is my outlet.  This is my means of contributing to the larger world around me.  This is how I believe I am to minister.

I have never been one to fully fit categories easily.  As a perpetual learner, I enjoy learning new things all the time.  Since my speciality is theology, why not become passionate about how it connects with all the other topics that I generally find myself engaged?

You are welcome to join me for the ride.  You can expect podcasts, blogs, book reviews, videos, future projects, and even special events.  This is gonna be a good time.  Feel free to email me through the Contact Me page.

Grace and peace to all of you, my friends!

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