“We are just poets,” said the Prophets.

Hans urs Von Balthasar, in his Magnum Opus Theological Aesthetics, said that the prophets have never used any medium other than art.  In all of human history, no other medium has been able to carry the full weight of the prophet’s words.  No other medium has been able to capture the surprising nuances of the prophet’s [...]

The “New” Mysticism

I think American views of Christianity are at a fork in the road.  Some are lamenting while others rejoice that the criticisms of religion are finally mainstream.  Religion has been displaced from the public sphere for nearly a generation now and will not likely return.  This, however, has led to something that is being called [...]

On Talking Poorly about the Divine

I will openly state that I absolutely believe there is a right and a wrong way of speaking about the Divine/God/Faith/Spirituality/etc. If we talk about the Divine in such a way that the Divine remains impersonal, it is wrong. If we talk about God in such a way that God is more of a monster [...]

The Third Way of St. Francis

Ferdinand de Saussure was a structuralist philosopher, a man who was very much concerned with how the human brain organizes information and assimilates a worldview.  From him, we gained the notion that the human brain organizes new information in binaries, in couplets, in sets that are often foils.  For instance, this is most notably seen [...]